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Good reasons for the ECO Concept

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We are sustainably orientated

ROCKETEC offers you sustainable solutions for the quick and gentle cleaning of climbing holds. From washing machines and ecological cleaners to services, professional solutions
are offered.


We develop cleaners and washing machines according to the ECO principle. The concept is consistently oriented towards ecologic, economic and social requirements and offers solutions according modern standards. Automatic cleaning processes,
a minimum use of our biodegradable cleaning agent and the flexibility of the
mobile systems relieve people, protecting the environment and reduce the company's
day-to-day operating costs.


protecting environment

save time

cut costs

secure team motivation


With eco-friendly cleaners and the reuse of water, we meet modern requirements and environmental standards. The cleaning substances are always biodegradable. Our Multi Cleaner do not require a risk / dangerous marking classification according to GHS.
The cleaning process takes place at low washing temperatures and therefore consumes low energy.



  • Always water-based cleaners
  • ­Biodegradable cleaner
  • Minimum cleaner dosage of 2-5%
  • Low energy and resource consumption
  • Reduction of waste, shipping routes and consumer costs

With the automatic washing machines you can easily and quickly clean large quantities of climbing holds in just one operation. Double handling and additional operations for rinsing can be omitted. The devices are mobile. This gives you many options for the organisation of work and the ideal workflow in each case. You can wash directly at the climbing wall, with the bistro team or in summer outdoors.

You can do almost any service work on the devices (cleaning, service or maintenance) by yourself and you will not need customer service.

  • Automatic and fast cleaning
  • High washing performance - 12 minutes for 30 to 150 handles per cycle
  • DL- "Double Layer" capacities for fast cleaning of large quantities
  • Cleaning in only one operation without rinsing
  • Fast drying in a few minutes
  • Independence (financial and scheduling) from service providers
  • Flexibility and efficiency in work organisation

Who wants to do the dishes? Just like at home, you can let the ROCKETEC Mashine do the work. The long and strenuous work is done automatically. Sometimes dangerous washing actions and the use of risky chemicals is no longer necessary.

The safety of the operation is guaranteed and documented in a legally compliant manner by means of certificates.


  • Simple and user-friendly washing
  • Ergonomic, easy and safe working conditions
  • Clean in one operation, without any further steps for rinsing
  • Flexibility to wash indoors or simply outdoors in summer
  • Acceptance of working conditions
  • Satisfaction and motivation in the team

The appreciation of ecological, economic and social priorities brings advantages at all levels. Resources are protected and used with responsibility.


Sustainability will become a standard and success factor for companies in the future.


The company, your team and the environment will benefit.

  • Heavy and stressful activities can be omitted
  • Reduction of running operating costs (personnel, water, cleaners, ...)
  • Reduced downtime for climbing business
  • Independence from service providers
  • Acceptance of working conditions and satisfaction and motivation in the team
  • Gentle cleaning for climbing holds without the old risks

top features


Mobility for the ideal workflow


  • directly on the climbing wall
  • wash outside in summer
  • share the machine with friends

Simple and ergonomic


  • automatic and child's play
  • only one operation without rinsing
  • ergonomic conditions

Fast and effective


  • 12 - 15 minutes per wash cycle
  • 30-150 handles per wash cycle
  • fast drying in a few minutes

water, energy and cleaners


  • reuse of water
  • minimal cleaner dosage of 2-5%
  • low washing temperature

One-time investment


  • in efficient technologie
  • low running costs 
  • robust & durable industrial technology
With safety

Operational reliability


  • safe technology
  • certificates document international Standards for technology and cleaner



The robust and reliable characteristics of the best industrial machines form the basis for the development of the specialized ROCKETEC washing machines for climbing holds.


Features of the devices:

  • Water reservoir for reuse of the washing water
  • Heating for washing water
  • Double layer in washing machines (double capacity)
  • Mobile version optional for washing machines
  • Cleaning in one operation
  • Ergonomic concept




Offer: "Starter Bonus"

Reduced acquisition costs for your ECO Start


for small gym and small quantities


  • Manual cleaning
  • Dive & brush
  • For holds & volumes


800x615x1120 mm 790x490mm inside


2KW, Schuko 230V~/50Hz


circulating, bis 45°


60l washing water


50Kg leer, 80Kg loading


for boulder and small climbing gym


  • Manual high pressure cleaning up to 60bar
  • Best cleaning results even with the strongest dirt


650x1100x1805mm / 2019 open 790x590mm inside


3KW, CEE 16A 400V~/50Hz


30-60bar spraying pressure, up to 45°


100l washing water


100Kg empty, 50Kg loading


for boulder and small climbing gym


  • Automatic cleaning
  • 30/60 handles in single/double layer
  • 12-15 min washing time
  • 80 l wash water


920x880x1025/1635 open


4,1KW, CEE 16A, 400V~/50Hz


2,4bar – 7200l/h


motor drive

Basket dimensions:

600x100 & 540x100


100kg empty, 100kg loading


for medium and large climbing gym


  • Automatic cleaning
  • 50/100 handles in single/double layer
  • 12-15 min Washing time
  • 110 l wash water


1140x1080x1195/1735mm open


4,1KW, CEE 16A, 400V~/50Hz


3,1bar – 4800l/h


motor drive

Basket dimensions:

600x100 & 540x100


100kg empty, 120kg loading


for big climbing gym & largest quantities


  • Automatic cleaning
  • 75/150 handles in single/double layer
  • 12-15 min Washing time
  • 190 l wash water


1330x1235x1310/1990mm open


8KW, CEE 16A, 400V~/50Hz


2,5bar – 2x6600l/h


motor drive

Basket dimensions:



220kg empty, 200kg loading


The two eco-friendly ROCKETEC high-performance concentrates "MULTI" and "SPRAY" were specially designed for cleaning climbing holds. They clean the elements gently and quickly.


Features of the cleaners:

  • Environmentally friendly cleaners, easy biodegradable
  • Economical and low dosage of 2-5%
  • Germ reducing effect
  • Low & energy-saving washing temperatures
  • Concentrate for easy handling




Offers: "4 for 3" and "ECO Deal"

Packaging, shipping routes, saving costs & protecting the environment


ideal for automatic washing machines, dive cleaning and all other processes


  • strong cleaning performance
  • 2-5% dosage in washing machines
  • temporary surface and corrosion protection for bushings & screws
  • in canister, barrel or IBC


Only by ROCKETEC: Without labelling / hazard information according to GHS


ideal for spray & high pressure cleaning and heavy soiling


  • extra strong cleaning performance
  • minimal consumption in the spraying process
  • canister, drum, IBC
  • in canister, barrel or IBC


Can replace dive step during high pressure cleaning


"The device has proven itself, is robust and very easy to operate. Straight into the workflow with a team of volunteer route builders the device can be optimally integrated. With one of the best features is, that the handles evaporate after approx. one minute, dry again and are ready for action. There is no need to dry the handles."


Jonas Loss
UNTERWEGS, DAV Climbing Centre Bremen

Questions &

Do you have any questions? Down below you will find the most important questions and answers about the ECO concept and the ROCKETEC products.



What effort and expenses will be caused when cleaning the grips of climbing equipment?

Many climbing halls are not satisfied with their present cleaning solutions. Neither plunge bath nor high pressure cleaners, nor various “household formulas” are ideal for cleaning the climbing grips with regard to work effort, expenses and environmental compatibility.
From our point of view, the best way of cleaning the climbing grips is when it can be done , easily, efficiently, cost-effectively, without harm to the environment and ergonomically by everyone. You will find a comparison of the work effort, expenses and efficiency under Facts.
The soft facts, as for example the environmental compatibility and how to make the cleaning process easier for people, can only be evaluated individually and after a closer look at the society.

How do you operate the ROCKETEC machine?

Very easily: switch it on, set the temperature and press Start. That’s all.

Can the automatic washers be used in a mobile way?

Yes, they can. For a mobile use, the automatic washers can be equipped with a stainless steel traveling gear, so they can be moved into the climbing hall. By means of a “Routenschrauber”, the dirty grips can be put directly into the  machine in order to be washed “on the side”. After washing, the grips  dry quickly and can be mounted again directly. There is no need for large-scale and heavy packaging, carrying, transport and handling activities. The entire transfer of screws is easy and the climbing areas can be used again soon after-wards. It is also possible to clean only parts of the climbing hall, while the rest of it is in operation. Thus a total close of the climbing hall can be avoided and the amount of work, operating costs and times of deficit due to closure can be reduced.

What is necessary for the cleaning?

Only water and  2-5 % ROCKETEC eco special cleaner.

How do you fill the washing machine with water?

The washing machines are filled with as much water as needed to cover the bottom of the machine. The amount of water is automatically controled  to protect the machine from damages like overheating, in case of  water loss (through evaporation, open drain, … ).

How often do you have to change the water?

With normal soiling, about 1.000 to 1.200 climbing grips can be washed with one load of ROCKTEC ECO WA 4800 DL. After that, the performance decreases, because the water is saturated and cannot absorb any more dirt.

How much water is needed?

Depending on the type of washing machine and its storage space, between 80 and 180 litres of water.

How do you drain the dirty water?

The dirty water can be drained by means of the drain valves installed at the bottom of the machine and via the pump case.

Where should the dirty water go?

If you use ROCKETEC special cleaner and only for cleaning the climbing grips, the dirty water can be added to your household sewage. In any case, the local conditions and legal regulations have to be observed.

Which cleaners can be used?

Only ROCKETEC special cleaner. The reason: Many cleaners contain very aggressive substances and pH-concentrations. These can not only damage the equipment considerably, but are also hazardous to people’s health. Using other cleaners will jeopardize security and lead to a  loss of  warranty and all legal responsibilities on the part of the manufacturer.

How much ROCKETEC ECO Cleaner concentrate do you need?

Only 2-5 %, depending on the regional water conditions, like degrees of hardness.

What kind of climbing grips can be cleaned?

All climbing grips made of plastic materials, by all manufacturers. Wooden climbing grips are the exception.

How long is the cleaning process?

10 - 15 minutes.

How many climbing grips can be washed in the machines?

Depending on the washing machine,  30 bis 150 grips can be cleaned in one running.

Can the screws of the climbing grips be cleaned, too?

Yes, they can. And this is necessary, because the cleanliness of the screws is an important factor to install the climbing grips securely. With ROCKETEC special cleaner, you can clean the climbing grips as well as the metal surfaces of the screws and liners. It cleans gently and provides a temporary protection against corrosion.

How long does it take for the grips to dry?

About 10 minutes at normal room conditions (temperature / humidity).

Which way is best for the grips to dry?

Put them on a table lined with an air-permeable cellular cloth or in a meshed or a baker’s basket.

Cleaning and maintenance of the machine?

In order to ensure a long-term and flawless operation, cyclic cleaning and maintenance are necessary.

When changing the water, the collected dirt at the bottom of the machine should be rinsed off. Just take out the wash-baskets, the carriers and the bottom sheet and rinse off the bottom of the machine and the pump area, while the bottom valve is open. Then let it drain.

Recommendation: do a complete cleaning 2 to 4times a year and at least once per year a maintenance (technical functions, greasing, filter-, nozzle- and pump cleaning,  . . .) For ROCKETEC washing machines, you can do this yourself. Or you can book a one-time instruction service after one year and then repeat the cleaning process yourself.

Is there a service for repairment and spare parts?

Due to our worldwide web, individual help is always available. A spare part service as well as other services might be in your neighborhood.

What kind of connection do you need for the washing machine?

Energy supply / Connection: 380 V and 50 Hz (CEE 16/32A)

How much room do you need?

The floor space for the machine (see technical data) plus the working area. There should be at least 1 m² for the user, directly in front of the machine. In the surrounding areas, there should be ergonomic spaces for deposit of dirty or clean climbing grips as well as the second wash basket.

How much electricity is needed?

The total capacity of the machine is between 3.5 KW and 8 KW (kilowatt)

Ecological tip: the largest part of the capacity is not needed permanently, but only once for heating the water. We recommend to fill the machine with warm water. Thus no heating is needed at all, the energy costs are minimized and the washing machine can start immediate-ly. Should it be necessary to heat the water, the costs per hour are 1 to 2 Euros (Germany). While the machine is in operation, the energy costs for maintaining the water temperature are 0.2 Euros per hour.

Are all legal requirements for a safe operation fulfilled?

Yes, they are. ROCKETEC products correspond to all national and European regulations, for ex. GS + CE certificate documentation. These standards reflect the practical use of our principles of quality, work safety, health and ecology and ensure an environmentally and legally safe operation.

Service? We like to visit you time and again, but only if you wish so.

Technical service, like for ex. a yearly cleaning, check-up and maintenance

Changing service – filling and disposal

Technical support / network all over Europe 

Technical service / regularly according to your wishes

Do it yourself, it`s easy. We don’t want to sell a service, but a “do-it-yourself” system. So there will be no depending on the service provider or any cyclic subsequent expenses.

Price – performance ratio?

Our products are made in Germany and only of high-quality materials and controlling elements, so a long-life operation with low wear and without trouble is ensured.

We do not offer any possibilities for renting or financing. Regarding the current conditions, financing via your regional bank is economically more reasonable and recommendable. It takes only a few years to pay off the installations before they belong to the operator. Then they will wash “free of charge” which, in the long run, is more economical than any rental system.

Operation safety?

ROCKETEC products are made in Germany and meet all national and European standards, as is documented by our certification. These standards reflect the practical realization of our quality, work safety, health and ecological principles. They ensure a legal and law-abiding operation. For more information, please look under quality and safety.

How can you distinguish a climbing or boulder hall of quality?

The quality of the routes and climbing grips,  he cleanliness of the whole installation as well as regular route renewals are important factors for successful modern climbing and boulder halls.

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